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Secure and easy to use!

Elite wallet is a feature-filled and smart digital wallet that is best used for money deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and payments. Easy operability of the versatile Elite wallet outperforms security and performance benchmarks as per industry standards.


Initiate deposits and payments today!

Elite wallet offers a seamless payment solution to make payments instantly with minimal documentation. Varied payment modes covered with API integrations and operability over multiple channels.


End-to-end payments made easy!

Using the effective and powerful dashboard of Elite wallet you can get detailed payment reports, statistics of payments, and refunds helping you with seamless service every time.

Heightened security of the wallet with the integration of verification steps and frequent third-party audits makes sure that your data remains safe regardless of the circumstances.

Customize and manage your payments using the payment links from one dashboard which further helps in tracking payments and any other data related to all the links shared.

Transaction records

A well-organized transaction history that keeps you updated with the latest transactions made and real-time status of all the payments to avoid ambiguity with real-time reconciliation.

A real-time transaction record makes it easier to manage payments and offers ease of use by transfer of information between payment portals making it a great experience for you at the end of the day.


Multiple Accounts with Elite!

Elite wallet is a secure and innovative payment gateway built for all types of users. It is a seamless payment solution letting you transfer funds within seconds with a valid username.

The users are able to transact internally using dollars stored in the wallet from any location. Elite also enables the users to make payments swiftly and efficiently using cryptocurrencies as well.

With Elite wallet, the merchants can grow their business with no additional charges and boost conversions by allowing them to make payments using internationally accepted currency like the “Dollar”.

Scan QR code to pay!

Elite wallet allows all its users to make swift payments using a QR code

To make a payment the user has to simply log in to the Elite dashboard and set up a payment page to generate a unique QR code.
On scanning the QR code the user will be directed to the payment page in order to initiate and finalize the payment process with a single click.


Frequently asked Questions

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a very simple concept to understand. It is an online payment mode best suited for users and merchants. In terms of making online transactions or transferring funds to other users, a payment gateway bridges the gap to complete the transaction process.

What is Elite Wallet?

The Elite wallet is a one-of-its-kind digital wallet serving all users of all verticals. With a single integration, the user can get a next-gen payment experience with access to a wide array of payment modes, a seamless checkout experience, and a powerful dashboard to give control of all your transactions (payments and fund transfers).

What makes Elite wallet different?

Elite wallet offers an innovative model of payment helping users and merchants accept online payments or even transfer funds internally as well. This wallet can be termed as an instrument that can be used by the users to store money and utilize it to initiate payments or transfer funds anytime.

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